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Ivan Cirkovic

Co-Founder & CEO

I AM is based on the principle of being yourself, who you want to be, having the ability to express yourself to those around you, showing your strengths and weaknesses, learning from life experiences and striving for personal and professional progress. Feel enabled to say out loud: "I AM!".

The I AM mission is to use physical activity and movement as the main trigger for emotional and professional change. Being driven to achieve more, craving for personal or professional growth and showing the will to change is the secret to our client’s success. I would like to share that secret with you and with the rest of the world.



Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of joining medical school, finding pleasure in helping people live well, better and healthier. Throughout my journey I became a soccer player for 11 years and since then I have developed a passion toward sport.

I achieved my childhood dream by joining Physical Therapy school in my homeland; Egypt. I also started my fitness journey at that time and was able to combine both physiotherapy and fitness together to help people with rehabilitation from injuries and improvement in their quality of life with fitness. I AM helping people to feel better.

Hossam is an ex-professional football athlete, holder of a Physical Therapy Degree and a Certified Personal Trainer. His expertise is in helping clients to recover from injuries and to improve the quality of movement, strength development and aesthetic goals.


Head Coach

I grew up in a competitive environment where sport was the cultural phenomenon that gave me the direction for what I AM today. I learnt from Football what life is and what is sport itself - learning from victories and defeats. From College I learnt why hard work and passion are crucial in life if you want to succeed. From this job I learnt why being driven in life and surrounded with the right people is the foundation to reach any goal. From life I learnt that it is normal to be happy and sad sometimes. Just to live without judgement towards yourself and others. Just to be you.

Ivan has diversified qualifications across Strength, Conditioning, Rehab and Health Coaching centered around physical, emotional and professional change. He is an ex-professional football athlete and holder of a Sports Teacher University Degree. He is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Assessor, Tutor, NeuroKinetic Practitioner and Health Coach.



Sport is my love and fitness is my passion. When I was a little girl, I started playing sports, and that love grew stronger every year. I have almost 4 years of experience as a personal and group coach. My goal is to teach my clients about the importance of exercise for physical and mental health. 

That is why my mission is to convey love, passion, and perseverance in exercising and achieving a better life with healthy habits.

The sooner you dare to start, the sooner you will see the results. I AM waiting for you.

Dana is an ex-professional basketball athlete and holder of a Masters Degree in Physical Education and Sport. Her specialization is in functional training and athletic development. Her main focus is to support and teach her clients about the importance of exercise for physical and emotional health.

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