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Our style is unique and specific to you. We don’t have one standard approach for everyone, but instead partner with you to support your health and strength goals.

What Our Program Can Do For You

Build Strength

Feel Good

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Meet Enrico Gallorini

I AM Program helped him reduce pain and develop a routine that is essential to support his overall health.

He discovered how important it is to understand ‘why’ certain exercises are required and not just the ‘how’. 

He believes in having a trusted relationship with your coach to make you feel safe and to JUST FEEL BETTER.

Head of human resources and a mum

Meet Karis

When you are a working mum and in pursuit to handle everything, you may neglect taking care of yourself. ‘Me time’ is often non-existent. Never underestimate the power of having a break or doing something for yourself. This may be different for everyone and it is important to find something that works for YOU.

I AM helped Karis to finally take the decision to make a change in her life at a time she felt was right for her. She decided to focus more on herself, despite the responsibilities she had towards her family and her career.

Naturopathic Physician

Meet Dr. Heather Eade

With her insanely busy schedule, I AM helped Dr. Heather maintain a healthy work-life balance to improve your productivity, and ultimately performance.

She makes time for her training to focus on herself and her overall health

After getting injured riding her bike, I AM helped her recover that injury. 

I AM Program help Heather feels centered after her training. She became well-known among her close circle that she does not negotiate her training sessions and she makes time for them no matter what! 

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About Our Founder and head coach

Hello! I'm Ivan Cirkovic 

I AM is based on the principle of being yourself, who you want to be, having the ability to express yourself to those around you, showing your strengths and weaknesses, learning from life experiences and striving for personal and professional progress. Feel enabled to say out loud: "I AM!".

The I AM mission is to use physical activity and movement as the main trigger for emotional and professional change. Being driven to achieve more, craving for personal or professional growth and showing the will to change is the secret to our client’s success. I would like to share that secret with you and with the rest of the world.

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