Health & Strength Coaching aimed at helping you to achieve physical, emotional and professional change. 


Build strength physically leading to a healthier body.

Emotional & Spiritual

Feel good about yourself, be in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours leading to fulfillment of your own needs.


Develop a greater sense of purpose and drive, leading to increased productivity, energy and confidence levels.

Our Approach to Health & Strength Coaching

Our style is unique and specific to you. We don’t have one standard approach for everyone, but instead partner with individuals and corporations to support their health and strength goals.

We conduct a unique and detailed wellbeing assessment, discuss your personal growth needs and find an approach to physical fitness that works for you, whether that is in the gym, in your home, at the office or online. I AM helps you to change your lifestyle and create a stronger and healthier version of You.

Build Strength

Feel Good

Develop Purpose

Personalised Assessment

At I AM, we don’t like a one-way fits all. We like personalised. We aim to create self-awareness which enables you to understand the importance of physical activity and its deep connection to other aspects of your wellbeing and overall health. We tailor our coaching methodology based on the initial assessment with you, always using physical exercise and movement as the starting point for positive changes in You.

Our Partners

Unleash your full potential with I AM

If you are seeking growth physically, emotionally and professionally or unable to understand what to change or how to stay on track because of daily obligations, we support you to recognize what a healthier, more balanced lifestyle looks like. Change starts with You.


“I was never a fan of the gym, but when the pandemic started, I felt like I needed to prioritize my health. As much as the trainings are tough, the results are amazing - not just physically, but across all aspects of my life.

Ivan and I AM - Health & Strength Coaching are so knowledgeable in their domain and I love how they continuously teach me about the how’s and why’s of the exercises. Ivan's passion about his vision, his company, his dedication to his clients, their successes and his work ethic are unparalleled.  

When I look back at where I started, with chronic lower back pain and barely able to lift 4kgs - I really can’t believe how far I’ve come. 

I found the most awesome coach in Ivan, who has, by his own magic, made me so committed to my health and well-being that I’ve completely transformed my lifestyle. I’m so excited to see how far I’ll be able to progress."

Inaana Abboud

Digital Business Architect

Integral Coaching

"Ivan and I AM Health & Strength Coaching is more than just personal training, it is integral coaching! Ivan challenged and supported me in ways that impacted not only my physical fitness, but also my corporate performance, mindset and lifestyle. We started in Dubai in person and found ways to keep the training going online as I moved to USA and Brazil."

Rodrigo Exman

Vice President - Legal and Corporate Affairs

I AM is here to Inspire You

I AM provides Health and Strength Coaching that is empowering. We want to inspire and motivate individuals and corporates to live better and feel better. Our focus is on change that enables you to be what you want to be. That can be different for everyone. We all have unique lifestyle goals that we want to achieve. This is about You.


Get enough sleep
Develop good nutrition habits
Exercise regularly, keeping your body strong and healthy


Find time for yourself
Develop confidence and self-awareness
Successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change


Increase productivity levels
Enhance energy and self-esteem 
Overcome personal and professional challenges

I AM helps you to understand yourself better. I AM helps you to be what you want to be, not what others want you to be. 



Everything you need to know about I AM

The vision behind “I AM – Health & Strength Coaching” is to create positive physical change in others, which in turn, will trigger a chain of progressive and interconnected reactions in both emotional and professional wellbeing, enabling others to be who and what they want to be. Having a growth mindset starts within You.

Personalised methodology starting from the initial assessment and continuing throughout your I AM journey

Bespoke goal setting and wellbeing methodology based on individual assessment results

Physical training directly linked to emotional and professional wellbeing changes

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A passionate community of like-minded people striving for personal and professional growth. 


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