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Health & Strength Coaching that is empowering (rather than telling). We want to empower people to live better and feel better. Our aspiration is to connect the relationship between your mind, body and spirit - covering a multitude of wellness factors in a very practical way.

I AM focuses on the essence of the human being and a need to be healthier, happier and a role model for yourselves, family, friends and the community.

What we do?

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At the I AM Coaching Team, we're committed to guiding you on your journey to better health and wellness. Here's what 

we offer:

Personalized Training:
-Custom Programs: We create individual training programs tailored to your unique goals.

-Expert Coaching: Our experienced team demonstrates each exercise, ensuring proper form and breathing techniques.

-Attention to Detail: We pay close attention to every aspect of your training, providing continuous feedback to keep your sessions progressive and fulfilling.

-Consistent Progress: Whether you're having a great day or facing challenges, we're here to support your constant progress.

Corporate Wellbeing Programs (WE ARE):
Discover our comprehensive WE ARE corporate well-being programs designed to enhance workplace health and productivity:

-Deskercise Sessions: Keep your team active and engaged with in-office deskercise sessions.

-Group Functional Training: Foster team unity and fitness with group workouts.

-Educational Workshops: Gain insights into health and fitness through informative workshops.

-Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor adventures and team-building activities for a well-rounded experience.

How to join us?

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For Individuals:

Before joining us, you will have a free online consultation. Following this, our I AM Curious Session is mandatory for individuals. This comprehensive assessment consists of:

- Health history
- Current lifestyle
- Levels of motivation
- Body composition
- Mobility and joint stability
- General strength
- Core strength

After a thorough 90-minute assessment, our expert coaching team provides a clear and straightforward assessment report, highlighting your strengths and areas for development. This is where the transformation begins.

For Corporations:
We begin by assessing your corporate needs, premises, and the number of employees. Based on this, we create a personalized wellbeing plan for your organization.

What happens after you joining us?

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As a member of our I AM Community you will be able to see your progress not only in numbers, but physically, emotionally and professionally. 

Our approach will create huge positive impact in all aspects of your life. Being our client, you will be able to join the unique experiences we offer and meet other like-minded members.

 Also, you will be able to use exclusive services with our partnership gyms, clinics and individuals. I AM is about YOU.

What are you struggling with?

Physical Activity

Improve your brain health, manage your weight, increase muscle mass, reduce the risk of disease and improve your ability to do daily activities.


Adapt a healthy and consistent sleep pattern that will push you to be more productive and to have more energy.


Build a healthy nutritional lifestyle that will make you feel good about yourself and create balance in your diet.

Take the first step towards understanding yourself better

Book a free online consultation with one of our coaches to understand your needs.
Following this, we will recommend a personal and detailed health and strength assessment with one of our professional coaches to look at where you are currently at, what you have tried before and how I AM can help you to achieve your Health and strength goals. We will teach you how to apply these to your day-to-day life on how to become stronger physically, emotionally, and professionally.


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